Do The Series of ‘Gel Like’ Injections for Knee Pain Really Work?

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I’m referring to Hyaluronic acid injections aka rooster comb, gel  injections, viscosupplements, SYNVISC®, Hyalgen®, Euflexxa®, Supartz®, Orthovisc®, etc.

In my opinion the answer to this question is NO, NOT REALLY. Ultimately though you have to decide for yourself… Let me explain…

I have personally treated and talked to many patients who have had the series of three to five injections listed above (3-5 injections are usually administered over the course of a few weeks. Recently, SYNVISC® came out with one injection).  Most patients noticed little to no knee pain relief after the injections.  Some noticed that their knee pain and swelling got worse after the injections and they developed what’s known as a ‘hot knee’.  Others developed an allergic reaction to the shot and were unable to complete the series. Of the few that responded favorably to the injection theyonly  noticed temporary pain relief (which in all fairness the injections do claim that the relief is only temporary and usually lasts for up to 6 months).

There are multiple studies indicating that Hyaluronic injections are as effective as placebo injections,[1] [2] [3]and that the effect of anti-inflammatory drugs is 48 times greater than the effect of Hyaluronic acid injections (or rooster comb injections).[4]

One study indicated that the immediate pain relief patients experienced was not due to the injection itself, but from draining the fluid in the knee, a step doctors take prior to administering the injection to prep the knee.

Most patients mistakenly think that the knee injections add ‘cushioning’ or cartilage to their knee.  Unfortunately, this is not the case! IF the injections are successful the theory behind them is that they help lubricate the knee joint. The injections do NOT stimulate cartilage or increase the amount of cartilage in the knee.

Based on my personal experience and the multiple studies I have read (not the ones funded by the pharmaceutical companies, but ones written by a third party) about the injections.  I believe that there isn’t any real evidence that proves their effectiveness in the treatment of osteoarthritis knee pain.

On the other hand, I do believe that an individual should leave knee surgery as their very last option, so it’s certainly worth giving gel injections a ‘shot’.

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The Truth About ‘Gel Like’ Injections for Knee Pain | Dallas-Fort Worth
Dallas-Fort Worth Cold Laser Therapy Doctor shares information on the series of different ‘gel like’ injections you can have to help with knee pain.
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