National Institutes of Health: Proper Knee Alignment May Prevent Arthritis Knee Pain

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The National Institutes of Health recently conducted a research study on knee alignment and how it affects the knee joint.  A research team followed 2,713 volunteers from Birmingham and Iowa City.  The volunteers were between the ages of 50-79.  All of them either had arthritis in their knees or they were considered at high risk for developing arthritis because they were either overweight, had a previous knee injury, or had undergone previous knee surgery.

First, X-rays were taken and knee alignment was measured.   The alignment was measured and the angle was noted at the point the femur (upper leg) and tibia (lower leg) intersected at the knee joint.  Anything more or less than a 2 degree difference from the normal 180 degree was noted.  X-rays and measurements were taken again 2 years later.

The research team discovered that in volunteers whose knee alignment measured a 2 degree difference (more or less) there was a 1.5 times greater risk for developing arthritis compared to those with a normal (180 degree) alignment.

In a healthy knee 70% of all the force is placed on the medial aspect of the knee (inside). If  the knee joint is out of  alignment the stress on the inside of the knee increases which in turn wears down the inside of the knee at a faster rate.  The NIH research team concluded that if a misaligned knee is corrected early on arthritis could be prevented.

To correct poor alignment of the knee visit a chiropractor, and wear good shoes that provide proper support.  An orthotic may be necessary if you are flat footed or if you have too high of an arch.  In addition, a chiropractor who specializes in the knee joint can give you proper exercises to strengthen and provide support for proper knee alignment.

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Avoid Arthritis Knee Pain by Making Sure Knee is Properly Aligned | Dallas-Fort Worth

Irving Cold Laser Doctor, Dr. Schnee, D.C. shares information from the National Institute of Health on how proper knee alignment can prevent knee arthritis

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