Exercise Induced Leg Cramps or Leg Cramps Associated with Knee Pain?

By · November 11, 2010 · Filed in Exercise, Knee Pain

Exercise enthusiasts, specifically marathon runners often suffer from leg cramps.  An often overlooked remedy for this problem is pickle juice.   NFL athletic trainers use pickle juice, which is a mixture of vinegar, salt and water to help football players stave off muscle cramps after a long training day.   Pickle juice has a ton of sodium, and also offers potassium and magnesium.  All of which have been credited to get rid of exercise induced cramping in the calves.

On the other hand, individuals with knee pain who do not exercise but complain of  having cramps in their calves should not ingest pickle juice since these type of leg cramps are NOT DUE TO EXERCISE.  Instead try stretching your calves. First, put comfortable shoes on, then stand and place the ball of your foot up against the wall and lean into the wall.  Hold this stretch for 10 seconds and repeat this 5 times.  You should feel this stretch in your calf muscle. Of course this stretch won’t get rid of your knee pain, but it will help ease the pain of those cramped calves, which tend to get your attention at night when your trying to sleep.

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Leg Cramps, Knee Pain and Pickle Juice | Dallas-Fort Worth

Dr. Schnee, D.C discusses how leg cramps can be eased with pickle juice, as well as how her knee treatment can help stave them off Dallas-Fort Worth.

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