Dallas, TX- Knee Replacements, Knee Osteoarthritis on the Rise

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Dallas, TX- Knee Replacements, Knee Osteoarthritis on the Rise

According to research presented at the American College of Rheumatology’s Annual Scientific Meeting in Chicago, over 6.5 million Americans between the ages of 35 and 84 are expected to be diagnosed with knee osteoarthritis in the next decade.  Nearly half of those diagnosed will be individuals between the ages of 45 and 64.  This of course will increase the number of total knee replacements and will place an additional burden on our already troubled health care system.

Head author of the study, Dr. Elena Losina, Ph-D and coordinator of the Orthropeadic and Arthritis Center for Outcomes Research at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston explained that the mean age of physician diagnosed knee osteoarthritis fell from 72 in the 1990’s to 56 years of age in 2010.  “The large number of newly developed cases of knee osteoarthritis in younger individuals will lead to continued increases in the use of total knee replacements.  Furthermore, our findings are consistent with the recently observed tripling of total knee replacements in 45-65 year olds in the United States…”

Dr. Losina and her colleagues believe the increase in the number of knee osteoarthritis in younger people is due to the rise in obesity and the number of knee injuries in the United States. 

The National Institutes of Health funded this study.

Dr. Schnee’s Perspective:

The companies that manufacture knee replacement parts are ‘jumping for joy’ after hearing about this news.  (Of course they knew it all along.  It’s impossible for a country to have an obesity epidemic, and NOT have a rise in knee osteoarthritis and total knee replacements).  It’s discouraging that the United States hasn’t lead the way in finding a ‘replacement’ too costly knee joint replacements.  It is even more frustrating that Medicare and some other health care companies refuse to pay for effective, less costly ‘alternative’ medications and treatments; but are happy to pay for medications that have been rushed through FDA clearance (and have horrible side-effects), a $60,000 knee replacement, and gel injections- where the results remain inconclusive.   

Perhaps we should start following the lead of other countries like Scotland, and Germany who WANT to find alternatives to costly knee replacements, so they’ve been studying adult (not embryonic) stem cells as a way to replace cartilage in the knee joint so that they can reduce the number of total knee joint replacements in the population. 

For years the Koreans, Chinese, and the Japanese people have been using acupuncture, supplements, cold laser therapy and other alternative practices to relieve knee pain- in their hospitals!  The Norwegian healthcare system, in a study led by Dr. Jan M. Bjordal, M.D., found that cold laser therapy eased osteoarthritis knee pain and was twice as effective as NSAIDS (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs), and it saved the system money.  So guess what?  In Norway, Cold laser therapy earned a top spot as a treatment recommendation for patients suffering from osteoarthritis knee pain.   

Our healthcare system has to change:  Medicare and some other health insurance companies need to stop being dictated by ‘big pharma’ and start paying for treatments that we know are effective, have the research to back them, and are significantly less costly to our healthcare system. Let’s start with cold laser therapy.

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Dallas, TX- Knee Replacements, Knee Osteoarthritis on the Rise

Dallas knee pain relief doctor shares alarming study which shows knee replacements, knee osteoarthritis on the rise, and why our healthcare system has to change.

To read the entire abstract go to http://www.rheumatology.org/about/newsroom/

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