Dallas Cold Laser Therapy Eliminates Excess Fluid and Swelling in the Knee Joint

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When there is a soft tissue injury involving the knee joint, often there is damage to the sensitive layers of tissue found deep beneath the skin. As a result, swelling around the knee joint will develop.   Some examples of soft tissue located in and around the knee joint are muscles, tendons, nerves, bursa, cartilage, and meniscus.

Soft tissue in the knee can be injured or traumatized in various ways which causes the knee to swell.  The most common soft tissue knee injuries in individuals under 40 are due to sports activity, a fall or an accident.  Another less known cause of soft tissue damage and trauma is as a result of knee surgery.  Normally after knee surgery, the tissue in and around the joint should heal and the swelling in the knee should resolve within a few days.  However, if there is unresolved soft tissue trauma then the knee reacts by producing fluid.  Also, in individuals over 40, soft tissue in and around the knee joint can be injured or traumatized by years of ‘wear and tear’ or arthritis. This is why many individuals diagnosed with arthritis will develop swelling or fluid accumulation around the knee joint.

Cold lasers or low level lasers are very effective at treating soft tissue injuries and eliminating the excess fluid and swelling in the knee joint that develops as a result. The normal reaction for the human body after a soft tissue injury is “to protect” the injury with edema, a thin or watery fluid which develops in tissue spaces or cell interstices.  Unfortunately, excess edema or fluid causes swelling in the knee that inhibits movement of the damaged tissue through the lymphatic system (the system in our body responsible for getting rid of toxins and excess fluid). Soft tissue injuries result in two types of pain. The first is the actual traumatic pain from the injury itself, and the second is from the swelling that results. Cold laser therapy actually helps relieve knee pain in two ways.  First it helps heal and repair the damage done to the tissue on a cellular level from the trauma itself, and secondly the  laser stimulates the lymphatic system which helps absorb the excess edema from the cells.

As a result of cold laser therapy the excess fluid and swelling in the knee will often be completely eliminated and the soft tissue damage in the knee joint will heal.  The best part is that this all happens without the need for knee surgery, knee injections, fluid drainage or medications.

Cold laser therapy eliminates excess fluid and swelling in the knee joint.  So if you are suffering from swelling in the knee and knee pain due to an injury, post arthroscopic surgery, or arthritis then you should consider getting cold laser therapy treatments.

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Irving Cold Laser Doctor Uses Lasers to Relieves Knee Pain and Swelling in Knee Joints | Dallas-Fort Worth

Dr.Schnee,D.C. of Fort Worth Texas, uses Low Level Cold Laser Therapy to help eliminate swelling in knee joints,to eliminate knee pain Dallas-Ft.Worth.

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