Cold Laser Treatments Allows San Antonio Resident to Avoid Knee Surgery

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Ms. Roberta R. was referred to the Atlas Medical Center by her long time friend, Ms. C, who completing Dr. Schnee’s Cold Laser Knee Program in Irving, Texas and was able to avoid knee surgery.  Ms. Roberta R. traveled from San Antonio to Irving every week for three weeks because she also wanted to avoid knee surgery.  Prior to cold laser treatments Ms. R was complaining of constant knee pain and was told by her orthopedic surgeon that she would need a total knee replacement.  She was getting treated for knee pain and knee joint weakness from bone on bone and arthritis knee pain. The following is her story:

“I was in constant pain [with my right knee].  I had used pain killers [and tried shots] to take the edge away, but was never out of pain.  I could not walk long distances.  I could not climb stairs.  I could not sleep through the night.  I have not had a knee replacement but the orthopedic doctor has told me that my only option is a knee replacement.

Since completing Dr. Schnee’s Cold Laser Knee Program I am walking better and I am sleeping through the night.  I am not in constant pain.  My knee feels 80% better than it did before the therapy.”

Roberta R., San Antonio,Texas
Bone on Bone knee pain, torn meniscus, severe arthritis in the knee joint

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Patient Avoids Knee Surgery | Dr. Schnee’s Cold Laser Treatment | Dallas-Fort Worth

Patient thankful she was referred to get knee treatments with Dr. Schnee’s Cold Laser Treatment Knee Program, because her knee pain is gone. Dallas-Fort Worth

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