Are you sure that you have No Cartilage in your Knee, and it is Completely Bone on Bone?

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I want to clarify the term ‘bone on bone’ which unfortunately is overused and is often incorrectly used when it comes to the knee joint.

Most often patients who have been diagnosed with severe osteoarthritis of the knee are told they are ‘bone on bone’.  Patients automatically think that this means they have no cartilage in their entire knee joint.  When in actuality, if you took an x-ray of their knee, it would probably show a SMALL area or PATCH in their knee joint that had very little cartilage remaining (90% of the time this occurs on the inside or medial aspect of the knee joint).

My point is that the majority of the time there is cartilage in the knee, and if there is a patch of cartilage that has worn down it usually never involves the entire knee joint.  If the entire knee joint was involved, then it would be correctly diagnosed as complete ‘bone on bone’. However, these patients would be wheelchair bound, and not able to straighten or bend their knee.

Since 2001, and after completing over 32,000 cold laser treatments, I’ve only seen a handful of cases that could truly be classified as complete ‘bone on bone’ in the entire knee joint.  ‘Bone on bone’, is a very visual term so orthopedic doctors find it a lot easier to describe a patient’s condition to them as being ‘bone on bone’ rather than explaining that there is only a small patch in the joint that is worn down etc…Unfortunately, these patients leave the surgeons office feeling hopeless and really don’t have a full understanding of their condition so they think they have absolutely no cartilage left in their entire knee and that they need a knee replacement.

Please don’t feel hopeless! If you’ve been told that you are ‘bone on bone’ and that you need a total knee replacement there are other non-invasive options available.  Overall, more research has been conducted with cold laser therapy to help eliminate or reduce osteoarthritis arthritis joint pain than with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS- the standard prescribed drug) and knee injections. Cold Laser Therapy is safer and frequently more effective than drug therapies, injections and arthroscopic knee surgery.  If you are suffering from osteoarthritis knee pain and are not ready for a total knee replacement then you should consider Dr. Schnee’s Cold Laser Knee Program for pain relief.

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True Meaning of ‘Bone on Bone’ Knee Pain | Dallas-Fort Worth

Dallas Cold Laser Doctor,Dr.Schnee,D.C. explains the meaning of Bone on Bone knee pain and how her Cold Laser Knee Program can help Relieve Knee Pain.

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