Are You Living With ‘Bone On Bone’ Knee Pain Because You Don’t Think You Have Any Other Options Besides Knee Surgery? Think Again.

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Most of the time patients complaining of ‘bone on bone’ knee pain are told that total knee replacements are their only option, and are never given any other alternatives in order to delay or avoid knee surgery. So rather than go under the knife many individuals just choose to ‘live with the pain.’

Just because you don’t want knee surgery doesn’t mean you have to live with ‘bone on bone’ knee pain. These days there are painless and less-invasive alternatives to surgery that may provide you with knee pain relief so that you can avoid or delay knee surgery. Total knee replacements should only be considered once all other conservative measures have been exhausted and have failed to provide relief.


The most obvious reason is because ‘knee replacement parts’ are never as good as the knees you were born with. A knee replacement has a limited life span.  It is not an easy surgery to recover from, and there are a myriad of complications and risks associated with it.

The rehabilitation that an individual has to endure after the surgery is NOT for the weak at heart. It is painful! If you don’t believe me just ask anyone who’s had a total knee replacement.

This leads me to my next point:

Why resign yourself to living with knee pain?  Why not be pro-active and do whatever you can to delay or avoid knee surgery?

This includes losing weight, taking supplements/vitamins and if you live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area consider my Cold Laser Knee Program.

My Cold Laser Knee Program is tailored to an individual’s condition.  In the case of ‘bone on bone knee pain,’ cold lasers work on the source of the pain by reducing inflammation and irritation to the synovium and nerve endings thereby relieving the pain. Cold Lasers work on a cellular level to boost the metabolic rate of the cells that make up cartilage, muscles, ligaments, tendons etc… As a result, the cells heal and repair themselves faster and their physiological responses improve.

My Cold Laser Knee Program also incorporates specific exercises to strengthen the muscles around the knee to reduce stress on the joint thereby helping maintain any cartilage that is remaining.  Finally, other forms of physiotherapy are utilized to help improve blood flow, reduce swelling, improve flexibility/range of motion, and reduce adhesions in the surrounding tissues.

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Knee Surgery Alternative for Bone on Bone Knee Pain | Dallas-Fort Worth

If you’re living in the Dallas, Fort Worth, Texas have bone-on-bone knee pain you have alternatives to knee surgery- Dr.Schnee, D.C in Irving, Texas.

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