Dr. Schnee’s Cold Laser Knee Program™:

This program is EXCLUSIVE to Atlas Medical Center.  This non-invasive laser knee program integrates our Active Relief Laser Knee System™ along with physiotherapy to eliminate/relieve knee pain and swelling caused from arthritis, meniscus tears, baker’s cysts and other injuries. This program is for those who desire a safe and effective method to avoid knee surgery.

Regenerative Joint Program:

This program is EXCLUSIVE to our office.  This is a combination of Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (performed by our experienced medical team) along with our proprietary Active Relief Laser Knee System™. This program incorporates both Dr. Schnee’s DC laser protocols, physiotherapy and PRP.  Platelet Rich Plasma therapy treatments have the potential to stimulate the bodies own natural healing properties to help meniscus tears, tendonitis, bursitis, and osteoarthritis. Please call our office at 214-596-1051 for more information about PRP therapy.

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP):

PRP is a non-surgical healing treatment that uses components of your own blood to promote your body’s ability to heal itself.  The process of making PRP is relatively straight forward and starts with a blood draw.  Our Medical Team draws your blood and places it in a powerful centrifuge that spins in an ultra-high setting.  This process separates the platelets, from red and and white blood cells.  This highly concentrated form of platelets is otherwise known as PRP.

PRP has growth factors and other regenerative type of cells that help heal and repair tissue that is damaged and injured. With the assistance of ultrasound guidance our team injects the PRP into the EXACT area that is injured.  (Ultrasound guidance eliminates all of the guesswork and allows our team in real time to know exactly where the PRP needs to be injected.)  PRP is extremely safe. Call our office at 214-596-1051 for more information on PRP.

I.C.E Knee Program™: 

This program is EXCLUSIVE to our office.  This is a combination of Supartz Knee Joint Fluid Therapy (performed by our experienced medical team) along with our proprietary Active Relief Laser Knee System™ that integrates Dr. Schnee’s, DC laser protocols with physiotherapy.  By combining Supartz and laser with physiotherapy, our medical team, is able to lubricate and cushion the joint, eliminate swelling, pain, and stop further degeneration of the joint. The program provides the perfect 1-2 punch for osteoarthritis knee pain sufferers.  For those who do not have osteoarthritis and are NOT a candidate for Joint Fluid Therapy Injections may be a candidate for our Active Relief Laser Knee System™ instead.

Supartz Knee Joint Fluid Therapy:  

Supartz Joint Fluid Therapy is the world’s most prescribed joint fluid therapy, with a reported 143+ million injections administered worldwide. Supartz is an all-natural solution of hyaluronan, the lubricant and shock absorber in all of your joints. Osteoarthritis reduces your body’s ability to produce hyaluronan. Without it, you experience pain as your joint wears out. Supartz replaces the natural occurring hyaluronan your body no longer produces on its own. It is effective and safe in treating knee pain. Our Medical Team, uses a local anesthetic at the injection site, so the injection is virtually painless. Patient’s report that the injection feels like getting a vaccination or a flu shot. We also use high-tech Ultrasound Guided Knee Injection Technology to ensure that the injection medication goes INTO THE ACTUAL JOINT.

NeuroRegen System™:

Peripheral Neuropathy is a condition of the nervous system that typically causes numbness, tingling, burning, aching, and a variety of other symptoms. Many patients also report experiencing restless legs or throbbing, cramping pains in their hands or feet.  Neuropathy is a progressive condition, meaning it tends to get worse with time. If left untreated for too long, the nerve damage can reach a point where there is simply nothing that can be done. One of the most dangerous aspects of peripheral neuropathy is the effect that it can have on balance. This is why early detection and treatment of peripheral neuropathy is critical to getting the best results.

Our medical team takes your condition very seriously and we will sit down with you to determine if you’re a candidate for this ground-breaking treatment, and review all of your options.  For example, these cutting-edge treatments include PRP therapy,  laser therapy (along with other therapies that help stimulate blood flow to the nerve), and dietary changes. We also utilize specific protocols to enhance balance and improve the soreness and stiffness in the extremities often caused by neuropathy.

Cold Laser Therapy (Low Level Laser Therapy): 

At the Atlas Medical Center we utilize many different types of non surgical cold lasers. Every cold laser we use is FDA Cleared and is highly recognized in the medical community. None of the cold lasers that we utilize burn, cut, or damage the tissue being treated. In fact, cold laser treatments have the ability to enhance tissue healing and relieve pain by stimulating intracellular structures called mitochondria. The result is increased energy production, which reduces inflammation, pain and increases cellular proliferation and healing of the tissue. Cold Laser treatments are painless and best of all there are no side effects. Depending on the condition being treated one or multiple lasers may be used.

Most patients come to the Atlas Medical Center to be treated for knee pain, low back pain, neck pain and symptoms caused from peripheral neuropathy. However, it is not uncommon for us to treat and tailor a program for someone suffering with ankle, foot, hand, wrist, hip, or shoulder problems.

Spinal Decompression/Laser Therapy: 

Spinal Decompression Therapy or Decompression Therapy is a non surgical, painless, FDA Cleared technology for the treatment of Neck and/or Low Back Pain due to pinched nerves or disc problems.

Decompression Therapy is a computerized, state of the art, monitored device that allows the doctor and the therapist to gently and precisely relieve the tension in the lower back and neck to remove the pressure off of the the damaged disc and or nerve. This painless device works in a pumping motion so that if the jelly like substance has leaked out of the disc such as in the case of a herniated, bulged, or protruded disc, then the pumping motion of the table creates a negative pressure inside the disc, allowing the discal material to get ‘sucked’ back in. On the other hand, in the case of a degenerated disc this negative pressure allows the damaged disc to get rehydrated which eventually leads to the disc healing.

Those who have completed our exclusive Spinal Decompression-Cold Laser-Rehabilitation program in Dallas-Fort Worth call it miraculous. Through the use of Decompression Technology, Cold Laser Treatments(low-level laser therapy), and rehabilitation either by strengthening or the use of Active Therapeutic Movement therapy our program is providing DFW residents the pain relief they are seeking.

Research proves that Spinal Decompression is effective in 8 out of 10 cases. In a recent study done on previous Decompression patients 4 years after their treatment researchers found 91% continued to be pain free.

Patients who have been diagnosed or are experiencing one or more of the following symptoms or conditions in the neck or low back may be candidates for care. Please note this is not a complete list. Go to for more information regarding our exclusive shoulder, neck and low back pain relief Cold Laser Treatment-Spinal Decompression Program for DFW residents.

  • Bulging Disc
  • Degenerated Disc
  • Herniated Disc
  • Protruding Disc
  • Stenosis
  • Pinched Nerves
  • Sciatica
  • Buttock/leg/ or hip pain
  • Shoulder/arm pain
  • Numbness or tingling in leg or shoulder/arm/hand
  • Carpal Tunnel
  • Headaches
  • Scoliosis

Trigger Point Injections:

Trigger Point Injection (TPI) therapy is used to treat painful knots of muscle, called trigger points, which are formed when the muscles do not relax. Trigger points irritate the nerves around them, causing muscle weakness and radiating pain.TPI uses a non-steroidal medication that is injected directly into the trigger point using a very fine gauge needle. It provides instant pain relief and lasting results. TPI can treat many muscle groups, including those in the arms, legs, lower back and neck. TPI is also an effective treatment for tension headaches and fibromyalgia.

Pain Relief and Rehabilitation:

We offer non-steroidal back, hip, neck, shoulder, and small joint injections and combine them with therapy such as laser and spinal decompression so we can get you out of pain without you having to take addictive narcotics.

Diagnostic Testing:

We offer the most advanced selection of diagnostic assessments and lab tests to ensure patients receive an accurate diagnosis. For the convenience of our patients, we have an on-site lab run by one of our highly skilled technicians, offering the following assessments:

  • Allergy and Immune Response Testing: Also known as ALCAT testing, this simple blood test uncovers food allergies that might be negatively impacting your health. If food allergies are discovered, our physical medicine professionals will provide recommendations for dietary changes. We also offer OATS, and ALLERVISION Testing.
  • Functioning and Performance Testing: Before beginning physical therapy sessions, our physical medicine experts will first evaluate the spine to assess the level of damage the spine has endured.
  • Nerve Conduction Velocity (NCV) Testing: For patients experiencing numbness or tingling, our physical medicine experts will run a nerve conduction velocity test (NCV) to detect signs of nerve injury.
  • Radiographs: We use radiographs to help diagnose injuries of the spine and extremities. Extremely low levels of radiation are used when running this diagnostic test.
  • Vascular Screenings: Using ultrasonic technology to measure blood flow and blood pressure, this diagnostic test can help to reveal critical vascular problems that could lead to stroke and heart problems.

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