About the Atlas Medical Center

The Atlas Medical Center in Irving, Texas is an integrated physical medicine center. Our healthcare team consists of medical doctors, chiropractors, and physicians assistants. It is a leader for the non-invasive treatment of chronic pain for spine, nerve, disc and joint conditions in the DFW area. It is considered one of the most renowned Cold Laser Treatment and Spinal Decompression centers in Texas.

The Atlas Medical Center offers the most advanced, safest, FDA Cleared, and up to date technology. Under one roof, we combine this technology along with physical medicine to allow patients suffering from knee pain, peripheral neuropathy, spine, other joint, nerve or disc pain the ability to live pain free without the need for medications, or surgery.

The doctors at the Atlas Medical Center work with top spine, knee and nerve specialists to give each patient the personalized care they need regardless of their age or health care goals.  Contact us today at 214-596-1051 to start experiencing pain relief!

The Atlas Medical Center, in Irving, TX specializing in Cold Laser Treatment for Low Back, Neck, Shoulder & Knee Pain and Neuropathy in Dallas-Fort Worth. Spinal Decompression Therapy Programs also available.

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